Vinnie Mehta

Primary objective

Selling Auto Insurance Online

Project Brief

Insured is over 30 years old company and selling insurance policies through regional agents to customers. However, now they want to rebrand to sell their auto insurance policies directly to customers through an online presence.

UX Design

Primary objective

Selling Auto Insurance Online

UX Design

Project Brief

Insured is over 30 years old company and selling insurance policies through regional agents to customers. However, now they want to rebrand to sell their auto insurance policies directly to customers through an online presence.

My Role

UX designer & strategist


Figma, Photoshop & Optimal card sorting


Responsive website

Users Problem

The user is looking for a comparative personalized auto insurance policy with a trusted company.

The Challenge​

How might we help users to make an informed decision about buying auto insurance?
How might we help user to buy personalized auto insurance without any annoyances?


Product Design

Research Goals

To identify user persona & journey map

To define user pain points, motives & expectations

To identify user touch points & buying influences

Primary Research

User Interview

Conducted five user interviews and laid out an affinity map to find user’s patterns.

  1. I used the tools like sticky notes and smilies for emotional responses from user interviews.
  2. Jotted down all keywords and created mind maps from interviewing to users.

Based on User Interviews

Affinity Map

affinity map

Users interview

Primary Research Findings

Highly personalized

Users expect insurers to offer highly personalized products that complement their digitally oriented lifestyle.

Reluctant to submit legitimate claims

Insured people are reluctant to submit legitimate claims because they’re afraid insurers will react punitively.

Support as quickly and broadly

Consumers expect insurers to help as quickly and broadly as possible rather than simply pay out a claim.

Secondary Research

Stakeholder Interviews

I watched insurance stakeholder’s video interviews to get a better understanding of business objectives and needs. It helped me with the following insights :

  1. Understanding around establishing business priority goals.
  2. Attention to technical constraints for development.
  3. Envision challenges from a business point of views such as cybersecurity or data threats.
McKinsey partners describe Insurance claims 2030 vision.
Stakeholder Interveiw from Progressive Insurance

Competitor Analysis

I conducted competitor’s analysis to learn more about top industry trades, common coverage options and common capability.

  1. Coverage options
  2. Few complaints
  3. Tech
  1. Roadside and towing assistance 
  2. Ride-share insurance
  3. Usage-based insurance
  4. Rental reimbursement. If your car is in the shop for a claim that’s covered.

  1. Pay bill in app.
  2. Submit and track claims in app or web. 
  3. Upload damage photos digitally
  4. See policy, View and download ID card info in app.

Competitor's Persona Pain Point

Studying competitor’s persona has brought me lots of insight about customers pain points which helped me to view my solution assumptions.

Based on Secondary Research

Secondary Research Findings

Changing customer buying behaviours

Customer buying behaviours is changing too fast with tough market conditions and new disruptive competition.

Overwhelming customer’s service demand

Buyer’s overwhelming customer’s service demand with the speed of amazon.

Diversify beyond traditional coverage.

Insurance industry needs to diversify beyond traditional coverage and leverage and adopt new digital innovations.



By gathering data and talking to with people. I was able to design with primary user & stakeholder’s personas. A user who wants to renew or buy first time with Indeed insurance. I also created stakeholder persona to understand the business priorities for development purposes.

Stakeholder Persona

Empathy Map

After understanding users based on my primary and secondary research affinity maps. I was able to articulate what user actually says, does, thinks and feels.

Empathy Map

User Flow

I designed three scenarios based on my user research interviews data to understand the customers journey to perform tasks and relationship with our product. 

  • Scenario 1: Steve got the reference from a friend.
  • Scenario 2: Reva was watching Insured’s commercials.
  • Scenario 3: Raul found Insured through search engine.


Product Design

Design Goals

Build trust to retain customer

To educate users to buy the right type of auto insurance based on their needs.

Faster quote price

To provide an auto insurance quote with minimum user personal information.

Customer Support

Engaging and robust customer support platform.



I wanted to create non-tangible emotional experience with shapes using circles to evoke emotions such as smile and closure for building relationship with users. Therefore after sketching few versions I finally able to sketch the one which was more inclined towards to the purpose with a compact look and feel for memorable user experience.

Selected Layout

Low Fidelity


design system


Logo Design

The insurance business is relationship-based. My objective was to design a logo that propels positive, confident and friendly emotions to build user trust.



I choose primary images that reflect the user’s emotion about accomplishment, fear-free driving after choosing informed and the right insurance coverage for their needs. The purpose of the secondary image to bring a little bit of humour and memorability to the brand.


UI Kit

I have created the design system based on research findings to evoke emotions about the feeling of accomplishment, trust and fear-free relationship.

Design system
Animation states



High Fidelity

I used Figma to design functional and interactive high-fidelity wireframe & prototypes.


Test & implementation

Product Design

Usability Goals

Interaction with CTA buttons

To find out how the user will interact with the hero CTA placed on the banner.

Quote form interaction

To test how user interact with the quote form application.

Readability, Accessibility & Affordance

To find out overall users' first visual design impression.

Test Findings & Iteration

Usability test

I conducted online usability test using zoom with four users to test the design accessibility and affordance for the user. Following are the design iterations I revised based on test findings.

Lean more page


Compare Quotes



I didn’t know much about Auto insurance when I started the project but learned a lot. I recognised that insurance companies get the worst customer reviews even it tries their best to support it. I further learned about the business challenges with cybersecurity and sensitive customers data management.

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